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“The new pension rules bring with it great opportunity, but also carry great risk for those who make the wrong decisions” – Ian Osang (Partner at Ingard IFM LLP)

New pension freedoms announced in the 2014 Budget have relaxed pension rules and offer far more flexibility as to how you can draw the benefits from the pension funds you have built up. For many who require security with their retirement income, an annuity may still be the best solution to provide the peace of mind required. For others who wish to benefit from the newly found flexibility, other solutions such as investment annuities or drawdown may be more suitable.

Implausibly High Returns
Unfortunately, companies promising implausibly high returns from schemes like overseas property, carbon credits and forestry to name but a few are already hovering and waiting to take your hard earned funds. Many of these companies are not regulated to provide advice, and this can affect your rights if something goes wrong. Over the years, many people have already lost most or even all of their retirement savings by ignoring the age old maxim – if it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

Be Careful
It is more important than ever you carefully consider your options and select the right one, as mistakes can not only be expensive, but can also ruin the retirement you have planned. At Ingard IFM LLP, we offer a free initial discussion to help you on your way.

Our qualified and FCA licenced retirement specialists, all of whom have at least 20 years experience helping clients, can demystify the options you have, and help advise you on the right solution for your own needs and based on your own circumstances and risk tolerance. We tell you what you need to hear, not want you may want to hear, so you are fully informed and there are no nasty shocks in the future.

Minimum Term

Income is guaranteed to be paid until the death of the annuity holder, but it can also be modified to include any of the following options:

Spousal Benefits

Your spouse can be protected after your death, by choosing reduction to half benefit, reduction to two thirds benefit or full benefit.

Thus the annuity is adjusted to the new level at the death of the annuitant or at the end of the guarantee period (if selected), and continues until the death of the spouse.

Annuity Escalation

The annuity can either be paid at a fixed level or you can include an escalation at 3%, 5%, or at the % RPI (annual increase in retail price index). Thus you can choose to compensate for inflationary effects on your income. However the initial income level will be reduced if you choose escalation.

Purchased Life

A purchased life annuity is an annuity purchased with your own funds, instead of from a pension fund. It operates in the same way as a compulsory purchase annuity, but it has tax advantages.

The entire pension which you'll receive from a compulsory purchase annuity is treated as taxable income much as in the same way as income from employment would be.

However, when you buy a purchased life annuity, the part of the annuity income which is calculated as capital repayment to you, is free of tax.

Your consultant can assist you in making decisions for such investments, and would be happy to provide comparative illustrations of such options.

"I deal with over 1,200 IFAs and you are one of only two I have recommended to my family with regards to their annuity purchase because I know they will receive the best advice possible." Mr. C. Manager at Annuity Provider (Copy available on request)

How an annuity will affect your life...

You'll only get one bite of the annuity apple. Once you decide on and buy an annuity, there is no going back.

The good news is that you now have the opportunity to choose your annuity, not just accept what your current pension fund provider offers you.

Under what is called the 'Open Market Option' you can transfer your pension fund to ANY annuity provider.

The aim of this website is to help you achieve better annuity returns than what is offered by your current pension provider.

"One bad apple spoils the bunch"

You've heard the proverb - make sure you choose VERY carefully which fund you sink your teeth into, it will affect your income for the rest of your life.

Choose the right annuity provider and you could RECEIVE THOUSANDS OF POUNDS MORE INCOME during your retirement.

Now you get to compare and choose

There are a wide range of options, including with profit annuities, which can be selected when choosing an annuity scheme. The most widely used annuity options are listed on your right.

The free no-obligation enquiry below will connect you with an annuity expert whose sole aim is to help you pick the ripest fruit.

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There is no charge to you for investigating your policy and you're under no obligation to follow any recommendations. By using a broker's service you will get advice that is paid for by the annuity company. You will not have to pay them a fee as your broker will receive a commission payment direct from the recommended annuity company.

Your adviser's costs are already factored into the income that you are offered by the annuity provider. Read more about commissions.

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